Problems flashing Defcon22 Badge

Hi. I am hoping someone can assist me with a very strange problem. I tried going to the hardware hacking village at Defcon this weekend and nobody I could find had any ideas either …

I have a Defcon 22 badge with JonnyMac’s mod attached. This device had a valid “human” image flashed to it and I was successfully able to flash the “mod” image to the badge. The badge was working as designed and then just stopped. Of course, first I thought the batteries died. Nope. New batteries did not resurrect the device. Next I thought that maybe somehow the software became corrupt. Well, this would be an easy fix — I just re-flash it.

I connected the device via usb to the same Mac that I successfully flashed with earlier. The Mac is running PropellerIDE (0.30.1). The device is recognized by PropellerIDE as well as the Mac. When I attempt to “Compile and run current program” OR “Compile program and download to EEPROM”, I get a “[NOT FOUND}” when attempting to connect to usbserial-DAXTJQJE. I get the same message no matter which image I attempt to compile (the default “human” image or the “mod” image). Screenshots below:

Next I run the “Terminal” option in PropellerIDE and switch to the device. Every button I press on the keyboard flashes the blue light on the device. This to me shows the device is found and communicating. From here, I attempt to “Compile and run the current program” and get a “Resource temporarily unavailable” message. When I attempt to “Compile program and download to EEPROM”, I get a “File Exists” message (no matter which image I attempt to flash).

I have also done a “screen /dev/cu.usbserial-DAXTJQJE 57600 8N1” to connect to the device. Once I have connected and closed the terminal window, I attempt to flash the image through PropellerIDE and I get a “Resource Busy” message.

Does anyone have any ideas on what I could try next? I am assuming I "FIU" somehow but have no clue what I could have done.

Thanks in advance for your ideas and assistance!



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