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    Errrr, that means that there is a small chance that bad chips do not show as bad while programming. This could happen if the bootloader (cog0?) can read/write with no problems from/to RAM but a different cog couldn't. Bad chips showing up while programming are annoying but this can be easily corrected. Bad chips failing at the customer can get really expensive, though. This is very unlikely, I know, as we run an extra test that executes the actual software under real-world conditions (with multiple cogs).

    Yes, that's right.

    I thought I had written a stand-alone Main RAM tester a while back (extracted from our internal test jig code) that I could share, but I had only done so for the Cog RAM portion of the test. This thread makes me want to dive in and do the same for the Main RAM tester too.
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  • Jeff,
    I posted code to test the hub ram earlier in this thread. It checks all hub ram locations and is totally cog resident, including the serial routine.
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