lack of numbering of thread entries.

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I really do think we don't need hysterical negativity about the change, but this item is something that I think needs to be reinstated ASAP.  So I am not going to be blithe about this necessary feature being removed.

Some of our threads are very long.  And historically, we have all referenced an entry that is not directly above by the sequence number of the entry.

Removing that feature now breaks up a lot of references into useless material.
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    I think what you're referring to is linking to any random comment/post in a thread. This can still be done by clicking on the timestamp for the comment (or right-clicking and copying the URL).
    As for simple references, like "see the code i posted in #12", you may just need to re-word to "see my code in this post". Not as convenient for the author, but at least there's a workaround, and it has the added benefit of being more convenient for the reader.
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    Well, rewording may help with new postings, but take a look at the Tachyon thread (or any long thread that has retained informative value over a long time) and try to sort out what has gone before now that all the numbering has been removed.

    Why bother with preserving old postings in the changeover if they are going to collapse into non-use?
    Hwang Xian Shen, Puddleby-on-the-Marsh.
    All things considered, I can live and thrive without Microsoft products. LINUX is just fine.
  • I second the request for numbered posts. As Loopy mentioned there are a lot of "as I mentioned in post #" type of references.
    Being able to link to earlier posts is useful but I think we also need the posts to be numbered.
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    I am not going back to change anything until Ken advises us on what the 'end' result is going to be. This being a

    technical forum with some pretty long threads they will have to come up with a method for a person on a phone to

    traverse these kind of threads. FYI I liked the forum before the last one we used to have.

    @Ken I have advocated for the use of new devices but there are problems using it in it's current state. I hope you can

    chime in as to what things and when these things might happen?
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  • I would also like numbered posts.
    John Abshier
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     I really am not sure how this will play out, but Ken Gracey knows I go ballistic when sequential referencing numbers are removed.

    This is not an ego thing.  It just makes finding what you want harder.

    If it is at all possible, it will look odd when the display is sorted by Votes.  But that is odd anyway.

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    Hwang Xian Shen, Puddleby-on-the-Marsh.
    All things considered, I can live and thrive without Microsoft products. LINUX is just fine.
  • ratronic: Good point about the phone. A link is useless when talking with another person about a post in a thread.
  • I looked around on the Vanillaforums site looking for discussion or examples of this, and I don't think the software provides for it.

    Making matters worse, their documentation for writing and altering themes is below paltry. Here's a typical example:

    As in, there is no example, because the documentation is empty.
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