Ouch! Is this a hideous forum or what? I hope there is a way to tweak layout/skins whatever.



  • Gordon, I like the picture that you use for your avatar.  I thought of using a picture of my grand-daughter also.  I decided to use a picture that I took of a V2 Rocket I built in my back yard instead.
    BTW you can adjust the portion of the picture used for your avatar by clicking on "Edit Thumbnail" under the "Edit Profile" page.  It looks like your thumbnail is the center portion of your picture.

    A V2 Rocket... you built in your back yard?  Whoa...!!!!!! that is some pretty serious gear.

    I used my Superman Squirrel jpeg.... but I have doubts that I am clear of intellectual property issues. So I may switch later.
  • Roxanna77,
    What is your mobile device?
    Clearly it is not being detected as a small screen device because what you are showing there is totally different to what I see. It looks like the regular big screen rendering.
    On my old Samsung Galaxy S phone I get a nicely formatted, clutter free, display of posts. Portrait and landscape.
  • I am GONE....
  • These posts are out of order, which makes it incredibly hard to follow conversations.

    For example, mindrobots has a post that was voted down once. Now his post is at the end of the thread. I'd already read it before. So in a way, voting down a post might get it read more often, which is a bit backwards. It will keep that post at the last page.

    Hopefully it's an easy fix to keep posts in their actual chronological order.
  • Keith, go to the first post in the thread (actually any thread) and underneath it,  you will see this:


    1 Comment sorted by Date Added
    [/list]click on "Date Added" and you will see all future threads sorted by date. For some reason, the default is "Votes"

  • We have officially entered the "post-PC" era. Time to throw away any desktops and laptops because those just have no place in this day and age. I wonder how well the page renders on a smartwatch, because those will soon replace all tablets and smartphones, and then it'll be the post-post-PC era. 
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    ... where can I change the font ? Pretty please `?, it is small and not really that nice on the eyes. I thought there was an option in Use profile... nothing, nada (using a Spanish word to make a comment stand out seems funny, as usually one would choose English instead...).
  • I wish there was a dark skin available, like the old forum had. As my eyes age this light gray font on a white background is hard to read.
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    Mike: We (and our eyes) are not aging, we are just becoming vintage.
  • This thread is several months old.

    If you have a new comment or question you should create a new thread. Do not resurrect old ones.
  • This thread is several months old.

    If you have a new comment or question you should create a new thread. Do not resurrect old ones.

    In other words, Parallax has read this thread and colors will remain the same... move on.

  • It's been close to 3 months since the forum change. Probably most of the changes Parallax thought were necessary have already been made. I wouldn't expect it to get much better.
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    Closing this thread.

    For those who may not have seen/read Ken's late-August announcement about the forums, please visit the link:

    Any other questions/comments on this topic or issue reports can be emailed to webmaster@parallax.com as Ken has requested.
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