Forum Migration - 2015-06-29

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A follow-up from this thread:

We will be taking the forums offline to prepare them for their glorious new face-lift.

June 29th, this upcoming Monday, at 4:00 AM PDT

How long?
We expect to have a fresh new forums before 12:00 PM PDT on the same day

What did you guys choose?
We went with Vanilla Forums, it fits a forum style that is more about single-topic conversations

What about all my history on these forums?
Before you may have heard that we'd be starting fresh; however, we believe, and have tested, a solution that will make migration a big success

Old links should work and get redirected to new locations

It is our goal to bring to this community a much more stable environment with plans to better support the efforts of Parallax, while keeping the valuable conversations and support that others have found so helpful.


  • Update: The forums were successfully migrated on June 29th. Quality improvements will continue as bugs and issues are addressed by our IT staff.

    Please post any issues you experience with these new forums to the General Forum with Forum Issue in the subject, and as a tag.

    Thank you, and happy reading.
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