Tachyon Spinneret WEB/FTP/TELNET server code and image available

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I stumbled across this forum and remembered that I did implement my server code on a Spinneret several months ago and you can find the binary and other files in my Tachyon DropBox folder. In the next few days I will fire up the Spinneret again an update the images for it as there have been several improvements and also the addition of being able to send emails and perform DNS lookup. Then I will put it back online again at pbjtech.net port 81 etc.

This same code runs on the W5200 and W5500 which is implemented in my new little IoT5500 magjack sized module, complete with microSD or 16Mbyte SPI Flash. I want to also add some NTP code so that the system maintains its time from the net instead.


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    Since I developed the compact dictionary in upper EEPROM I haven't had a chance to go back and do new binaries for the Spinneret as most of my work has concentrated on the IoT5500 modules. But the good thing is that all the files are the same except for the Spinneret header file SPINNERET.FTH and of course using the W5100.FTH driver.

    To make this a little easier to load the full 64k image I have created a spinneret.binary image which has the SD filesystem but does not have the networking so that it fits in 32K which can be loaded onto the Spinneret with your favorite Prop loader tool.

    Look in the [url="https://www.dropbox.com/sh/uknz24pecwuxon6/AADnz9CNrZYNwr9AWhOdeufja?dl=0]Dropbox files under binaries and then Spinneret[/url]. The Dropbox link is in my sig.

    (make sure you copy the FIRMWARE.ROM file to your Spinneret's microSD)
    Once you fire up the Spinneret you can connect your serial terminal at 230,400 and talk to the Forth shell and ask it to load the full 64k networking image into EEPROM by typing LOADROM, then reboot (either REBOOT or ^C or <break>). Once rebooted the Spinneret will automatically launch the network servers for WEB, FTP, and Telnet while still providing an interactive shell over the serial console. You can easily change the IP addresses and even the MAC which BTW is a random 32-bit number on a cold start (new and blank) with a fixed OUI of $02.FF. Here is the response to an ifconfig command (Linux equivalent of ipconfig):
    ************ NETWORK STATUS ************ 
    HARDWARE: SPINNERET using WIZnet W5100 (indirect)
    SRC IP
    MAC       02.FF.42.C5.F3.F6.
    #0  15:30:23 TCP     21 54923     .    .    .    .    . 00 14 LISTEN      
    #1  15:30:23 TCP     80 28777     .    .    .    .    . 00 14 LISTEN      
    #2  15:30:23 TCP  10001           .    .    .    .    . 00 14 LISTEN      
    #3  15:30:23 IPRW   511 43024     .    .2800.    .    . A8 10 

    You can change the IP address via the terminal by typing the IP address in using a & prefix to force the number to "decimal bytes", that is, each group of decimal digits represent one byte.
    & SIP

    To change the gateway:

    To change the port number of the socket which btw is locked in software to a server, so socket 2 is locked to Telnet which actually connects to the Forth shell:
    2 SOCKET 23 PORT!
    This changes the Telnet port to the standard port 23

    All these changes are automatically backed up in the topmost part of the 64k EEPROM and reloaded at network boot.

    The Spinneret is online at the moment at tachyonforth.com but you can play with it a bit more using FTP and Chrome at [url]ftp://tachyonforth.com[/url] or Telnet to port 10001

  • Hello,
    I try to load easynet on the spinneret.
    I follow the instruction
    "Alternatively you can load SPINNER.ROM onto the microSD then type LOADROM SPINNER.ROM then reboot (REBOOT or ^C or break)"
    But never get the rom getting in the spinneret Loadrom spinner.rom give "ok" then nothing happend, even after reboot.
    I try with the manual way, W5100.ft is building wel, but easynet.frt bugs
    Inserted a screen capture of sd card way.
    When I ask dir I only get the name file of the sd card.
    SD mount give me the correct name.
    I do not get the file list (SPINNER.ROM ....) but they are on the sd.
    Formated on a win7 pc and with osx

    628 x 464 - 45K
  • I get it working

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