W5200 and Spinneret Library Updates

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HttpHeader.spin updates
HttpHeader.spin is a helper library for the HTTP protocol. In a nutshell, HttpHeader indexes HTTP header elements. This makes it easier to grab data sent by a client.

Added a full path buffer for the requested resource (web page, image, JavaScript file)
The prior version was destructive. It modified the original path by dividing the path into elements. This construct makes the logic for rendering a static file from an SD card complicated. It's good for other stuff though. Adding storage for the full path simplified the web server logic related to the SD card. This was a big updated even though it might sound small.

Updated SNTP Human Time
The HumanTime method is responsible for displaying an SNTP timestamp (seconds since 1/1/1900) as a human readable string and provides input to the real time clock (RTC).

Web Server Updates
The changes above are integrated into the various web servers. The HttpHeader.spin updates have been running for well over a month. The SNTP updates have been live since mid December.

The source files are on Google Repository

I'm working on some new stuff for 2014


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    This is awesome stuff. Every time I read through it I learn more and more. Thanks man, your contribution is more valuable (to me, at least!) than I could ever express. You rock.
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    Thanks Man!

    I have learned tons goofing around with the Spinneret. It has been an invaluable journey into the land of protocols and networks. Sometimes I find myself reading RFCs just for fun... that's a lie.

    I'm certainly happy you find this stuff useful :)
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    First, thank you for posting this work. There is a lot to be learned from these files. I have some questions though:

    1. Do I need to get this entire tree in order to get the "whole picture" ?
    2. Is there a zip file that contains this entire tree, or must we get them one by one?

    Thanks again!
  • Mike GMike G Posts: 2,702
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    1. Do I need to get this entire tree in order to get the "whole picture" ?
    The picture would certainly be clearer with all the files.
    2. Is there a zip file that contains this entire tree, or must we get them one by one?
    The project and all the files within are under source control. I use Tortoise SVN to keep the files up to date. You can use the same source control program to get the latest files; "SVN Update". It's like connecting a folder on your PC to the Google code repo.
  • I'd like to ask this question: did the code move to github or elsewhere?
  • That's a good question.

    There are the two .zip files still left on Google Code but not much else. (I grabbed them since I have 2 Spinnerets

    I don't see it in the official Parallax GitHub and a quick search of GitHub didn't show anything.

    It may be officially lost forever as a maintained code base (until someone loads it up to GitHub and decides to give it a little love) which is a shame because Mike G put together a really good package for the Spinneret.
  • I found this at github: https://github.com/sagoo33/propeller-w5200-driver/commits/master, but had no chance to see, how and if this is related
  • That looks newer. I see msrobots has made a number of commits, maybe he will speak up when he sees this thread and let us know the status of this repository.

    If it is a branch of Mike G's code, then I think it should be brought into the Parallax GitHub since it does support a product that you can still purchase from Parallax.
  • In the meantime I found, there is much SW for the WizNet Quickstart Extention available, much more than I can read in a day. I have to study this and will report what I found
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