No More Free Kits for just Telemetry/Vitals

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edited 2013-02-19 - 16:58:26 in Announcements
At the meeting today, we saw some great videos and gave out free kits. As a group, we are going to get a little more selective about applications that receive free kits now that 1/3 have gone out.

Basically, if you apply with "I can make a device that reads your heart rate and other vitals..." it probably wont rate getting a kit. We have lots of good telemetry/vitals collection applications already and it will get too redundant if there are a lot more. This is not to say that you can't do a project that obtains vital signs, but it probably should do so for an interesting or unique purpose.

So far, everyone who has applied, provided a video and otherwise qualifies (residency) has been selected to receive a free kit. A number of people are also applying without requesting the micromedic idea kit. That is fine too.

Thomas Talbot, MD - New Market, Maryland, USA
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