Want list, a few Propeller 2 key items

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I have a Propeller Demo Board that I love, but I discovered that it has FTDI reset issues when used with Briel Computer's PockeTerm software.

So it seems that it might be wise for a list of circuit design improvement requests might be in order.

A. Eliminate the FTDI reset issue if possible.

B. Fine tune VGA color output.

What is B about? Well, the generally accepted resistances for the VGA matrix on the Propeller Proto Board have been the subject of discussion in the past and several thoughtful people have found by adjusting the resistances a bit, the color output can be improved. If the Propeller2 is going to be a 'better than ever' devices, the boards should offer 'better than ever' color as well.

I can't think of anything else. The fact that I can only come up with two items is testimony to how well designed the Propeller1 is.


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    The P2 is going to have onboard DACS that will provide the color. IMHO, the resistor issue will be moot, unless people do P1 style video. I don't even know whether or not that's an option. We are waiting on Chip's video hardware docs and those are probably associated with the adapter boards in progress right now for the FPGA emulations.
  • Phil Pilgrim (PhiPi)Phil Pilgrim (PhiPi) Posts: 22,756
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    A. is a non-issue. It's already been eliminated in the most recent P1 designs.

  • LoopyBytelooseLoopyByteloose Posts: 12,537
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    Thanks Phil.
    Just wanted to be sure that the Propeller 2 is a good as it can be.

    The FTDI issue will keep being a support topic as some of older Propeller boards are not resistant to it.
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