Giraffe Gait: ATTN Duane & Martin_H!

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To my RoboBuddies:

Our twins keep teaching me new things, some direct, some indirect. I was up late one night with a sick baby watching a PBS nature show on giraffes. I learned that they have a peculiar (possibly unique) walking gait, in that both left legs move in sync, as do the right (galloping is different than walking). I have been looking at my big bag o'servos wondering what to build next, and a 4-legged, 8-servo walker has been on my mind. Yes, probably using an Altoids tin as a chassis. You heard it here first! The giraffe gait has me thinking all sorts of thoughts these days. One chassis could have multiple gaits, of course, but this particular motion might dictate a high CG (doh, like a giraffe's neck) for resonant walking, that is,matching the natural frequency of the robot swaying to the walking frequency. Would probably require foot sensors at a minimum, in lieu of an accelerometer.

Heck, if it's a dedicated giraffe gait, it might be done with just two servos, left/right. Maybe a third servo to shift a long top-mounted neck left & right.

My mind reels with the possibilities. It's almost a humanoid bipedal gait, but two legs on each side eliminates the forward/backward balance requirement. Intriguing, n'est-ce pas?
“Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication.”

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    That is an odd gait. I think it would be a very difficult one to replicate in a robot. I agree, it's practically a biped in the way it walks. Very interesting.

    I've added a pile of popsicle sticks to my pile of servos and I've been working on a popsicle stick hexapod. I think it will be a while before I try a giraffe.
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    I think that camels have a similar gait.
    Leon Heller
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    That gate looks faster than moving one leg at a time to keep a tripod under you at all times. But the balance requirements side to side increase. I saw a robot unicycle that balanced side to side via a wheel it could rotate either direction. The reaction torque kept the robot balanced.
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    Game of tag: ostrich vs. baby giraffe. What a hoot. Here's your Parallax expo contest, make robot versions of these!
    “Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication.”

    -Leonardo da Vinci
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