Sailing boat tilt calculation

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Well·I am working on a sailing boat, I am not been·able to get my self through with the sailing boat balance. I am not sure what kind of sensor should I use, which can give me the Tilt value with refence to the upper part of the HULL.

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    So you want to see how far something is off perpendicular in reference to the desk reguardless of the tilt of the deck?

    - Stephen
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    You might be able to use a combination of a horizon sensor (IR temperature) and a slow drift gyroscope.
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    well the idea behind this tilt sensing is to make a boat without a KEEL WEIGHT, and to work on it in such refernce that we can manipulate some weight to move out of the boat, just like a sailor, rather than a perminant weight attached with a center board.

    so i need those tilt values, according to which my weight will gona get out of the boat just like a sailor balancing the boat.
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