Need help with GPS reciever

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Does anybody have any tips with getting a connection between the GPS and the pBASIC stamp?

Has anybody· ever worked with the GPS reciever? Any tips or problems with it?

Has anybody ever taken the info provided by the GPS and displayed it on a seven segment display?


***Please provide as much info as possible***


  • SRLMSRLM Posts: 5,045
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    Take a look on the product page for the GPS. The datasheet has all the information that you need to interface with the basic stamp.
  • SuffernEDDSuffernEDD Posts: 10
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    We have been able to interface with the basic stamp, but we are still currently looking for ways to take the information provided by the GPS, such as speed, then driving the numbers onto 2 seven segment LED's.
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    So what's your question?

    Do you need help in driving a 7-segment display? Are you having problems extracting the information you need and determining the speed? What do you know so far?

    The StampWorks manual has a chapter on multidigit 7-segment displays (Experiment #10). You can download this by going to the Parallax webstore and searching for "stampworks". One of the items shown is the StampWorks manual and there's a link to a free PDF copy on the product page.
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