Parallax MemoryStick Datalogger #27937 and Basic Atom

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I wanted to add the ability to log data from a 0-5 V sensor. Currently I can display the sensor reading on the LCD screen.

With my BS2 I can create folders and text files with data stored inside. However I have been unable to get it working with the Basic Atom.

I was wondering what is the minimum set of instructions required to write data to a file?

Please note that I do not need to read the data until the thumb drive is removed and placed into a computer. I also will be sending the data to the data logger in a very constrained format. So I do not need to worry about the buffer size, if multiple sends are required to transmit a chunk of data, I can break it up and send as two chunks.

Currently I am using the example code from the file exchange with minor modifications.

Any suggestions?



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    The Memory Stick Datalogger communicates with the BS2 via serial I/O information using the SERIN and SEROUT statements. The Parallax webstore page for the Datalogger has a link to the VDAP Firmware Manual for the chip that's used. You can also get this manual directly from Vinculum, the manufacturer. The Manual goes into detailed explanations with examples of each of the commands. Anything you'd do with the Basic Atom would work with the same commands.
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