Propeller.EXE V1.1 has only one Icon (instead of two icons) included

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wow - i never thought that my "quarter"-knowlegde about windows, the registry etc. would be enough to find this error

I took a look inside the Propeller.exe with "Icon-Snatcher". The newest Exe = Version 1.1 contains only one icon for the software itself.

In the older Propeller.EXE there is a second icon for *.SPIN-Files (the Propeller-Hat with a sheet of paper) This one is missing inside the newest Propeller.EXE.

As an workaround i changed the key
HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Propeller.SourceCode.1\DefaultIcon from
value "C:\Program Files\Parallax Inc\Propeller Tool v1.1\Propeller-V1_1.exe",1


"C:\Program Files\Parallax Inc\Propeller Tool v1.1\Propeller-V1_1.exe",0

,1 changed to ,0 as the "1" says second icon and the "0" says FIRST-Icon

As there is no second icon inside the exe windows takes a standard icon.

This is just a workaround because the first icon shows only the propeller-hat. The missed second icon shows the propeller-hat and a sheet of paper
like it is the standard for associated files (here the *.SPIN-files)

@Parallax-Team: could you take a look inside the exe-File about the second icon?

best regards


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