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    by Published on 11-06-2014 08:00 AM

    Installation zip and documentation for a project that's a work in progress but which has reached a usable node. SpinScope is a virtual oscilloscope for the Propeller that monitors selected Propeller pins and displays their states on a two-channel (with separate trigger channel) oscilloscope in a web browser window:

    Future plans include:

    1. Add an "analog" scope capability that samples DUTY mode output on a pin over an interval.

    2. Add a terminal screen so that regular terminal I/O can occur concurrently with the scope display.

    3. Add a graphical I/O instrument that includes switches, lights, sliders, joysticks, etc. At this point the project will be renamed "SpinLab."

    Anyway, SpinScope is very easy to use, requiring virtually no additional programming. Here's a quick sample program that was used to create the above image (SpinScope stuff in red): ...

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