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  1. Dual Relay Board Kit Introduction

    The following video introduces the Dual Relay Board Kit (#27114), explains the schematic and operation, and finally, goes into an application example for controlling a three bulb, traffic signal style light system. Documentation, Schematic and Example Code can be found on the product page on our website.

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  2. Leg Update

    I've run into some issues with the gear train due to stripping the teeth on the nylon gears during testing the Coxa movement. New steel gears have arrived and now I need to update the CAD/CAM files for the gear train. Their are mathematical equations that are used to figure out the hub distances but mechanical imperfections in the hole location and gears themselves usually mean a little bit of extra space is needed.

    Still haven't gotten around to finishing up the leg down and impact ...
  3. Even Spiderman Uses the Propeller Professional Development Board

    Look for the Propeller Professional Development Board 1:16 into the Amazing Spiderman trailer!

    Click image for larger version

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    For those aspiring to be Spiderman, the board is now on sale for $30 off until July 3, 2012. Purchase Here

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  4. Maker Faire and Popsicles

    With temperatures warming up in Rocklin, it feels as if summertime is finally upon us. After the rain and hail we experienced during our Expo, the heat is certainly a welcome change. The Parallax team certainly loves any excuse to indulge in popsicles, a summertime favorite around here.

    After the Parallax Expo and making it all the way to Washington, DC for the USA Science and Engineering Festival things have been mighty busy around the Parallax office. This week nice and calm as ...

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  5. I'm not dead

    I've had time to do two things with the prop recently... not a lot and bugger all.

    The missus and I are buying a house, trying to juggle work and attending training courses at the minute so it's all go at the Nurbit household.
    I will get back into programming the prop..... I just don't know when yet