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  1. TV Output

    I've just made a quick and dirty TV output adapter for my quickstart board.
    I'm not posting pics yet as this one really is a bodge job but now I've proven to myself that it works, I can write a full guide up about it.

    I know my guide will be sort of re-inventing the wheel as the subject has been covered plenty of times before but I'll do it anyway

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  2. ProCart at V2.0

    by , 04-13-2012 at 09:42 PM (Fixing the world . One electron at a time .)
  3. New Beginners guide

    I've just spent the past couple of hours writing a tutorial on connecting the VGA port on the PropBOE.
    I never realised how much time goes into these things.
    I'm going to put it on the forum and let people have a look.

    Here is a copy of it. I hope someone finds it useful.

    Connecting the VGA connector on the Propeller BOE v1.2.pdf

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  4. VGA output on PropellerBOE

    I've been looking on the BOE landing page and noticed that the guide for getting VGA working hasn't been uploaded yet.
    I took a chance and wired it up as I thought, then I grabbed some VGA code from the OBEX and altered it to make it work.
    IT WORKS!!!!

    Yay.... But....

    It wasn't super simple for someone who doesn't know what they're doing (That's me)
    I even found a couple of code examples that I just couldn't get to work at all.

    I'm going to ...
  5. Brilliant Video

    While looking around the net for something completely unrelated, I found this

    It's a video showing a propeller based system working on a scalextric track.
    The prop controlls the start lights, counts and times the laps of the cars and counts down the remaining number of laps.

    I was impressed anyway