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  1. davejames's Avatar
    ...thanks guys!
  2. trooks's Avatar
    [SIZE=2][/SIZE][SIZE=3][/SIZE][SIZE=3][/SIZE][SIZE=3][/SIZE]For most people the rule is:

    If you do not have the time and money to do it right then when will you have the time and money to do it over?
  3. JordanCClark's Avatar
    Unfortunately, where I work, it usually becomes "We can't afford to do it right, but we can afford to do it twice"... :lol:
  4. davejames's Avatar
    Thanky Sir!

    I wish I could say I did it with mine own little eyeballs...but I was peering through a monstrous "stero scope" during soldering.
  5. WBA Consulting's Avatar
    Very nice! My process tech that does all of the handbuild prototypes at work would be impressed (and her skills are highly sought after, so that's a serious compliment)
  6. davejames's Avatar
    ...thought you would. :smile:

    I came close to setting up four 4-channel scopes so I'd have 16 channels total, but I finally figured out the problem to my functional test; I had some pattern expect data placed one vector too soon. :innocent:


  7. CircuitMage's Avatar
    Love it! I have to make the post 10 chars so here are some more.
  8. davejames's Avatar
    Hi Pliers - thanks for the feedback!

  9. Pliers's Avatar
    Nice instructions.
    I use the uni-bit a lot.
  10. davejames's Avatar
    WBA - thank YOU!

    I am gratified that this info (and Peter's input) was useful.

  11. davejames's Avatar
    Hi Jazzed - thanks again.

    Been doing the "gig" for 10 years and it's been an interesting ride.

    "Open mic"? Man, you're brave!

  12. WBA Consulting's Avatar
    Wow, excellent post! We use copper tape from time to time but get it from Grainger ($$$). I will definitely keep an eye out for that tape on my next Home Depot trip!
  13. jazzed's Avatar
    Dave, nice to hear you're involved with the community.

    Last time I played out was at an open mic before the turn of the century in Campbell.
    My muse still lives with easy classics piano, guitar ballads, and some composition.
  14. davejames's Avatar
    Hi Eric - actually, the modern replacement from Dunlop (who now holds the product rights) charge upwards of $25 for the pot! Ouch! I've recently seen another manufacturer that offers a replacement for $15, so I may go that route.

    Tubes? Ahhhh, the absolute best amplification method for guitar. Depending on what type (naturally) there are current production sources that make reliable product. Svetlana was one until New Sensor bought the name rights and then there's JJ/Tesla that makes outstanding product.


  15. ericball's Avatar
    Hi DJ,

    It was a long time ago so I don't remember whether it was a 1:1 reversal or if I had to fiddle to find an equivalent volume. The answer might also depend on the type of pot and the connections. I think this one was a simple center tap variable resistor. So one end was input, the other ground, with the dial controlling the wiper.

    And although a NOS Allen/Bradley pot might cost you $25 (kinda like finding replacement tubes), I suspect there are modern equivalents which would be a whole lot less.
  16. Bean's Avatar
    Yeah if you put any audio gear in storage you should always leave all the pots at MAX. Then the dead-spot is never hit (well okay, but how often to you actually put a knob on MAX).

  17. davejames's Avatar
    ...good tip. But wouldn't that have reversed the taper?

  18. ericball's Avatar
    At one point I had an old Pioneer Receiver where the main volume pot had sat so long at one spot that it didn't work well at other volumes near that spot. What I did was to desolder it and add jumper wires to reverse the polarity. So now what was previously maximum volume was now minimum volume and the "dead spot" wasn't a problem.
  19. davejames's Avatar
    Hi Jazzed - thanks much!

    I'm a "weekend warrior" on the music team at church and alternate between guitar and bass. Do you play out?

    BOSS? Good stuff. My pedal board currently: Jen volume -> Tri-AC -> CE-5 -> DOD FX-70 -> DD-5 -> CabTone -> to the sanctuary sound board.

    I'm thinking about getting a different chorus to replace the CE-5; it's just not "lush" enough. Any suggestions?

  20. jazzed's Avatar
    Nice blog entry. My wah pedal disappeared long ago. I do have several BOSS stomp boxes though.
    Do you play gigs in San Jose?
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