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  1. W9GFO's Avatar
    I wish I could email them. I have requested the account be reopened but I get emails from them saying that I need to use a different email address - even though the address I am using is the same one that YouTube used to send me updates about my account.

    This Google apps thing seems very useful and convenient but it is turning out to be enormously complicated, I'm thinking it would be a good idea to sever my other accounts from Google - if that's even possible.
  2. potatohead's Avatar
    Google accounts are a increasingly binary thing. Major bummer. I've only recently become aware of this behavior too. There are G+ users, who did something that Google doesn't permit, and some automated thing shut down their accounts.

    It's possible to lose:

    Gmail, Utube, G+, more.... when they are linked together. People with Android phones need to be extra careful.

    That's a real bummer...

    Goes without saying, but can you e-mail them? Worth a shot. Secondly, is there somebody who get some attention that appreciates your U-Tube stuff? Get them to say something too. That's how Lady Ada got her G+ account restored, after it was removed, due to it not being a real name.
  3. davejames's Avatar
    .......sigh - bummer
  4. Tracy Allen's Avatar
    Great to see all those boys and girls hard at work on a constructive! project. Thanks for all the photos and videos.
  5. davejames's Avatar
    ...I'll go check 'em out.
  6. W9GFO's Avatar
    Thank you!

    There will be many more pictures available but it may take several days. For now you can see some at but the robot has undergone some modifications since these were taken.

    It's been a very busy past couple months and now that it is all over I think everyone needs a break. No one in our team was even speculating that we would go to the championships and we ended up with two invitations to go. One for winning the Chairman's award and the other for winning the Regionals.
  7. davejames's Avatar

    Are there any more detailed pictures available?

  8. Jessica Uelmen's Avatar
    WOW is right, congratulations! That's an amazing achievement, best of luck in St, Louis!
  9. Peter KG6LSE's Avatar
    Congrats !
    I was a Jr mentor for team 294 Beach citys robotics for years .

    we to won the Chairman's award many moons ago .

    FIRST is a ton of fun !

  10. Jessica Uelmen's Avatar
    Hi Rich,

    Those are some amazing pictures, thanks so much for sharing them! I love seeing our products enjoyed by so many. :]

  11. davejames's Avatar
    Great shots!

    Looks like a good time was has by all.

  12. Whit's Avatar
    What a fantastic club to be a part of. Great video! I love the way the club is stuctured.

    Thanks for sharing this W9GFO...
  13. Mark Kibler's Avatar
    I rate this blog "deciduous".
  14. erco's Avatar
    That IS Amazing! Great job!
  15. Tubular's Avatar
    Very impressive!
  16. W9GFO's Avatar
    Thanks! Yes, that would be a good thing to draw, thanks for reminding me.

    Rich H
  17. localroger's Avatar
    This is excellent. Next you should teach it to draw a fleur-de-lis :-)
  18. ericball's Avatar
    I'm going to have to show this to my son. Maybe it will get him interested in the S1 he got for Christmas last year.
  19. W9GFO's Avatar
    It matters for selecting content for the "Best Blogs" and "Most Popular" tabs found on the right side of the Blogs homepage. Currently, only the "Best Blogs" has anything in it.

    Rich H
  20. potatohead's Avatar
    I don't, but may if others start. Honestly, I think of the blogs as just the "notepad", where people can just put stuff for consideration, or maybe just for their own reference later on. Rating that seems kind of goofy, so I didn't. I do think the ratings make sense for highlighting productive, or compelling blogs though.

    Guess it doesn't matter much, if the expectations are such that a low rated blog doesn't equal bad.
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