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  1. Browsing & Posting from an iPOD 1G....

    I finaly figured out that I can post threads with this thing (iPOD) only after changing my forum settings for the text editor to basic text.

    I thought a blog about it would be a good test.

    I am curious to find out how much I have to figure out to insert some of the fourms formatting feature here in plane text.

    Just did a preview and I am glad I don't have to use any html "br" statements to get new lines:)

    something ...
  2. PPDB - Using The Full PPDB - V1.3

    This is Version 1.3 of the "Using the Full PPDB" Project I am working on. I have modified and separated some code, changed some pin-outs, and used one of the PPDB's push-buttons to display the date. In later version updates, I will be adding more and more capabilities to the code.

    From now on, All updates to the code will be in the Projects sub-forum so Check there first [URL][/URL] ...
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  3. PPDB - I2C - 17 segment display Project & ds1302 - Working

    I just finished adding to my "PPDB - I2C - 17 segment display" project a DS1302 that is on the PPDB, I am mostly satisfied with the code but I need to read the ds1302 once every second instead of while multiplexing the display.

    Here is a video I just uploaded:


    I have Licensed the code under the MIT License. The code can be downloaded from the attached file. I will be soon ...
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  4. PPDB - I2C - 17 segment display Project - Working

    I just got the 17 segment display working using I2C. Using two [URL=""]PCA9555 I2C bus expanders[/URL]. One PCA9555 controls the Digits and Decimal Point, the other controls the 16 Segments. I have the PCA9555s wired up on a PCB ([URL=""]Radio Shack Part #276-170[/URL]) and connected each of the INT (interrupt) pins to the Propeller. ...
  5. PE Kit: Permanent... Part 2

    For Part 1, see [URL][/URL]

    Well I decided to add some more to my PE Kit: Permanent Power Supply Project, The propeller was taking up some room on the breadboard so I added it to the Proto Board.

    (sip sockets are [URL=""]Aries collet sockets, X518 series[/URL] from [URL=""]Digikey[/URL]) ...

    Updated 09-09-2011 at 06:09 AM by Jorge P (Added a Link to Part 1.)

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