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  1. Browsing & Posting from an iPOD 1G....

    I finaly figured out that I can post threads with this thing (iPOD) only after changing my forum settings for the text editor to basic text.

    I thought a blog about it would be a good test.

    I am curious to find out how much I have to figure out to insert some of the fourms formatting feature here in plane text.

    Just did a preview and I am glad I don't have to use any html "br" statements to get new lines

    something to
  2. PPDB - Using The Full PPDB - V1.3

    This is Version 1.3 of the "Using the Full PPDB" Project I am working on. I have modified and separated some code, changed some pin-outs, and used one of the PPDB's push-buttons to display the date. In later version updates, I will be adding more and more capabilities to the code.

    From now on, All updates to the code will be in the Projects sub-forum so Check there first . I will ...
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  3. PPDB - I2C - 17 segment display Project & ds1302 - Working

    I just finished adding to my "PPDB - I2C - 17 segment display" project a DS1302 that is on the PPDB, I am mostly satisfied with the code but I need to read the ds1302 once every second instead of while multiplexing the display.

    Here is a video I just uploaded:

    I have Licensed the code under the MIT License. The code can be downloaded from the attached file. I will be soon adding a 4x4 Matrix Keypad as well ...
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  4. PPDB - I2C - 17 segment display Project - Working

    I just got the 17 segment display working using I2C. Using two PCA9555 I2C bus expanders. One PCA9555 controls the Digits and Decimal Point, the other controls the 16 Segments. I have the PCA9555s wired up on a PCB (Radio Shack Part #276-170) and connected each of the INT (interrupt) pins to the Propeller. The INT pin from the PCA9555 that controlls the segment will be disconnected, it will never be used since there are no input pins that will alter states.

    I have the address pins ...
  5. PE Kit: Permanent... Part 2

    For Part 1, see

    Well I decided to add some more to my PE Kit: Permanent Power Supply Project, The propeller was taking up some room on the breadboard so I added it to the Proto Board.

    (sip sockets are Aries collet sockets, X518 series from Digikey)

    Two 1 pin sockets will need to have the black plastic removed so you just have the two pins, these will be pressed into the ...

    Updated 09-09-2011 at 06:09 AM by Jorge P (Added a Link to Part 1.)

    PE Kit
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