Large Hexapod build

This blob is a description of the steps taken to design and build a large custom Hexapod.

  1. Misc thoughts on the project

    For those who are following this project, it is going pretty well with only one major glitch so far. That problem is in the swing motor assembly. The motors I was planning on using don't have enough torque to drive the leg at the speed needed, research into DCmotors shows that large 12v motors can be very expensive and large stepper motors can be even more expensive.

    After taking a break I decided to try another approach. First I determined what the required swing should be in degrees. ...
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  2. Leg testing under computer control

    I wrote a couple of quick test programs and here is a video of the testing. This is compilation of 3 separate tests I ran tonight.


    I am totally disappointed with the swing motion. I tried out a couple of other DC motors and didn't have any noticeable improvements. So I'm going to have to fix this earlier than I planned on. Anyone know of any good hi torque, 12v DC motors out there around 120 to ...
  3. Running the leg under program control

    The motors are wired into the HB-25 motor controllers with a 12v gell cell providing temporary motor power. I wrote a couple of simple propellor programs to test the legs and it's working! The swing motor doesn't have enough torque to move the leg well so that is one area I'll have to address sooner than I hoped. I have a small collection of surplus DC motors I'll have to try some of the others and see if any of the others would work. If anyone knows of a good source for hi torque 12 v motors, I'm ...
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  4. Not much progress to report

    This week hasn't been too good, first the wife gets sick, then the dog and now me.... I feel a bit better today so I'd like to start wiring up the motor controllers, I really want to see this leg run under computer control!

    The power distribution system design is almost done on paper, I'm looking for a good way to put it on the computer but haven't found a schematic program (free) that I like, any suggestions?

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  5. Swing motor assembly

    [QUOTE=DiverBob;1058771]Today turned out to be very productive. I finished machining the swing motor assembly which includes the pivots for the leg. The photo below is the basic swing motor assembly that I started with. This was taken from a previous robot since the setup for the new leg is very similar.

    The next photo is the assembly with the leg mounted and the whole contraption hooked up to the basic hexapod body. Right now the leg is only connected ...
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