1. Quick S2 tailwheel mod

    My S2's tailwheel was making a lot of noise when driving on hard surfaces, especially while turning. The solution, remove the two screws that hold the wheel in place, remove the axle and apply a grain-of-rice sized drop of grease and spread it around the middle of the axle, reassemble. Silicone grease would be ideal, I used some grease that came with my tool box that is meant for drawer slides.

    Now the tailwheel is silent but moves freely.

    Rich H
  2. S2 internal Pen Lifter

    Here is my latest S2 mod. It is an internal pen lifter. I wanted to have a way to lift the pen without it being obvious that it was modified. It also has the advantage that it will work with the Sharpies that do not have the clips on the caps.


    Materials required: paper clip, Pepsi can, naro sized servo and some hot glue.

    The paperclip is formed into a lift ring that ...

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  3. XBee and S2, with the help of a PowerTwig

    Since the XBee is 3.3V and the hacker port supplies 5.0V, it needs a regulator. [URL="http://www.gadgetgangster.com/find-a-project/56?projectnum=358"]PowerTwig[/URL] to the rescue!


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  4. S2 and XBee

    More to follow...

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  5. Editable? Yes, it is. Even the title!

    Is it a normal feature in blogs that you cannot edit you posts? If so, prepare for some worse than usual grammar and spelling...

    edit: okay I figured it out. There is a pencil icon that appears to the right of the title when you mouse over it.

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