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  1. laid off

    by , Yesterday at 09:12 PM (Fixing the world . One electron at a time .)
    Well the time has come ... I got my notice that my last day is friday...
    But I am not worried . I am in a good place with my college accross the parking lot!.. it was a awsome 6th month job and a sweeet internship. I learned a ton and made a good wage.

    I am going in to my exit interview in a few min...

    A few weeks and college is back in full swing..

    Peter .
  2. Movie prop ....

    by , Yesterday at 12:51 PM (Fixing the world . One electron at a time .)
    I am at FRYs every day ( or darn close too it) .Yesterday I was walking in the door and they had amazing spiderman 1 on a 4K so I took a gander at a screen I cant afford and lord and behold . there was a Parallax Prop Pro Dev board .. ( ya know the BIG one ) In the movie with parker building a web shooter.

    There was a sales person there and I told him that they have that same chip in the components section .

    The sales guy was shocked to find out they have one ...
  3. PolyPixels: Driving WS2812B addressable LEDs using 2 wires

    Quote Originally Posted by Tubular View Post
    PolyPixels are small clusters of WS2812B addressable leds, that harvest their energy from the Propeller driving pin.

    This means only two wires (combined Data & +ve, and VSS/GND) are required to connect to the led array. Cheap figure 8 cable / speaker twin works great.

    Where a common metal chassis or frame is available this reduces to a single wire (plus chassis return).

    Furthermore its possible to have a "two lead component" that looks a
  4. New Raspberry Pi B+

    Quote Originally Posted by TonyD View Post
    The Pi doesn't have any analogue inputs so the easiest way is to use a I2c or SPI ADC chip. the 8-channel Microchip MCP3008 is popular. Here's a board I build using the 4-ch MCP3004 (on the right hand side):

    I wrote up a tutorial on setting the Pi up for it here
  5. I want to be the parallax distributor in Australia.

    Quote Originally Posted by whiteoxe View Post
    a bit uncommon, Organic Stock Feed Producer Darling Downs Queenslnd

    edit: and a decent website

    very first time I have looked at it since I sold it a decade ago, made me sad ;( haaa, life moves on !! at times I had almost 200 grand owing to me, some customers really drag out payments, they don't realize the stess that places on a small business but I guess that was my job., but it can get tricky !!
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