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  1. CNC Router Recommendations

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  2. P2 on Mac --Virtual Machine Report

    For a long while, I've just been using an older Windows XP machine for Propeller development.

    Today I decided to setup on Mac OS for a variety of reasons. This particular machine is an older one, but it has the VMWare Fusion product on it with Windows XP as a virtual guest OS.

    Didn't take me very long to get all setup to do P1 & P2 work on this machine, and VMWare Fusion has a feature called Unity where it just melds the Mac OS desktop and the Windows one together ...
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  3. Propeller Xbee Requirements

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    I'm still new at learning the propeller language since I just bought the propeller BOE a couple of weeks ago... and another BOT chassis to mount it to.
    I also have a BSIIpx on a BOEBOT which I'm playing around with and works real well with the PING))) sensor!!

    I didn't want to have to keep switching boards on the BOTS... so i had to go for 2!!

    I also got the Xbee wireless for the propeller and now am wondering if I need the USB dongle to communicate to it.
  4. A lesson in design (and logic)

    by , 03-14-2014 at 03:19 AM (Learning Verilog and Propeller-like Core Designs)
    I got to the part in my FPGA core where I needed to decode the cond field in the instruction. For those not familiar with the Propeller, this is a four-bit predicate field in the instruction that indicates whether that instruction should execute based on the values of the C and Z flags. Choosing to use the same bit pattern that the Propeller uses, I wrote the following simple module:

    module Predicate (input [3:0] cond, input c, z, output reg result);
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  5. Reaction Timer chapter 3 in what's a microcontroller

    I am getting a rediclously fast time(356 ms) for letting go of the pushbutton. I done this activity several times, and followed every instruction in the book. I am new to programming so, I only have the book to rely on. Is there something wrong with the activity? I am including a copy of my program. Can somebody please look at it a let me know of you see anything wrong. I've been staring at this thing for days, and just don't know what I'm doing wrong.

    'Whats a Microcontroller - ReactionTimerYourTurn4.bs2 ...
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