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09-17-2007, 06:11 AM
Hi All,

Thought i'd share with you the finished (pretty much) controller board :)
I am just waiting on the SMD cap to arrive. Also, there is a jumper and some bare pads in the middle of the top. This is the nly error on the board! Will me put the FET upside down :\

PS. Its my first SMD board, scuse the messyness :P

Anywho, heres the pics :) Now back to work on the firmware!




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Fred Hawkins
09-17-2007, 07:11 AM
Nice photo of a nice board. Dimensions?

09-17-2007, 07:13 AM

Nice compact layout. Using both sides of the board pretty efficiently. Must have been a fun/challenge to get it all to fit.

Looks to be a 2-layer board; did I guess right? Any blind vias; haven't seen the schematic to know all the connections. Have done 100+ boards since 1985; a few quite tight layouts. I enjoy them if not on a horribly tight schedule. Enjoy doing them for myself best; more freedom.

Harley Shanko

09-17-2007, 07:19 AM
Hi Fred,

Thanks! Size is 1"x4" :) Next version will be 1" x 3.5"


Thanks also! :)

2 layers is right :) Got it made at BacthPCB.
It was fun :) The worst part was around the op-amp area :\

No blind vias :)

I also like getting things as small as pos! I was a bit scared to use more MSSOP/TSSOP IC's so chose SOIC for the most part.
Now I know the SSOP's are easy to solder I will use more of em :D


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