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04-30-2007, 09:22 AM
·ok everone i am working on something real big 5.2·ft·· made out of pvc·60$·· it's 12 tf·long
·if it was not for the pvc you might be inside it but i working on this·

·i need help· i need to run 8· 12v windshild wiper motor's came out of some car's real car's

·i need to us pbasic stamp chip for the program i have made 4 bata's allready of my robot
·this is the 2ed to last one and the bigest i have ever done· but i have not a clue on what i need to run 8 12v motor's· more less i never ran nothing but servo's tell the truth here
·but with out blowing the chip out or overloading the chip
·i thot of pwm but i have never used nothing but the servo contaler· so i am lost on this

·what i am using at this time i can not say much into i am done thin i will post everthing
·and send a video to parallax on this but trust me it's fun and i been working on this for 3 year's now
·one's i find out what will run this i will be done in less this 4 munth's

·right now i have the robot it's run's from 2 car battry's and a converter i have a home made stamp board
·made for this i do have the pragram board allso but us it for testing
·i am runing the pbasic 2 chip and a nothere for contral panal

·ps· sorry for the spelling i program nice i even a cgi editer and make cd cover's for band's
····· but spelling is last on my lest lol working on that now sorry

04-30-2007, 10:05 AM
Here is a good link on the wiper motors. www.scary-terry.com/wipmtr/wipmtr.htm (http://www.scary-terry.com/wipmtr/wipmtr.htm)

- Stephen

04-30-2007, 10:32 AM
Some information on the motors you are using in link.


It looks like maximum amps is around 14 amps (so this information says in link). So you need either solenoids to drive the motors with fets or transistors to drive the solenoids from the stamp or 20 to 30 amp mosfets to drive the motors directly. Lots of information on driving DC motors here if you do some searching.

Since you are driving 8 of these make sure you have heavy enough wire to carry the current load and proper diodes to snub the high voltage kickback when the motors are turned off.

Think Inside the box first and if that doesn't work..
Re-arrange what's inside the box then...
Think outside the BOX!

04-30-2007, 10:52 AM
thank's alote i never thot of the motor's kicking back on me

thank's alote on the link's im looking at thim now

p.s for someone who never done's this like me
don't try to run the dc motor's like a servo lol i am kicking my a&& right now i just blow out my stamp chip i thot i give it a try and run one to see if i could get it and nothing happend but a fryed chip
i got 3 more chip's thow so i not to bad lesson learned here lol
but like i sade im a noob to dc motor's and stamp chip's most i ever done with motor's was servo's

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04-30-2007, 11:10 AM
ok soo the hb-25 will work for this hmmmm can i us more thin 2 of the hp-25 if so that will work great and i am reading on this power kick back now your right that is alote of power to be kicking back need something to handel the heat
like the hb-25 has and fuse

thank's alote for the help i going to call parrallax up tomorew see if i can run 8 of this if so i will us thim
if not ill look at a nothere speed contral or something that will push the amp that i need

i allso read the battery i am using is not going to last long that i need a nothere tipe i thank i fund something on this thow and looking into that as will

04-30-2007, 07:02 PM
Somebody said...
don't try to run the dc motor's like a servo

You don't run a servo from the power supplied from the stamps pins either. The Positive and negative supply terminals go directly to the power source. The only power the stamp pin provides is the signal line through the third wire. So the servo operates similar to a DC motor coupled with a mosfet where the power flows from the battery through the motor then through the mosfet to ground. The gate terminal on a mosfet or transistor would be similar to the third wire or signal wire on the servo. Never run a motor directly from a pin. Exceptions are some stepper motors that can run directly from uC pins, some of the gauge motors in automobile panels have these tiny stepper motors, byr even with those diodes must be used to protect from the voltage kickback.

Think Inside the box first and if that doesn't work..
Re-arrange what's inside the box then...
Think outside the BOX!

04-30-2007, 09:17 PM
ya i found that out last night it was late guess i was not thinking right lol thank's thow i was just trying to see what would happend guess i rushed and crashed

i did find something out thow someone on here sade a 8 port relay board i looked into it last night and found one
couse i am looking at 12 v/14 v and like to run this as a servo more less
allso i spent 30 min on phone on hold lol with parallax and finly got some one asked about the hb-25 sade
that is what i need and i can run more thin one i can run all 8 but off nothere port's and that is what i need thank you very much
i am going to order 2 tonight and see how this work's
if this work's i will order 4 more and have this motor problem gone

again thank you very much you help's alote

05-01-2007, 02:52 AM
I decided to post here rather than in a private message.. hope you don't mind.

If what you want to do is control 8 relays(connected to motors) I would recommend the ULN2003a it is a transistor array, 8 transistors (switches) in one chip. you could then hook it to 8 I/O lines on a Basic stamp and turn each relay on or off at a any time. the code to do this would simply be:

Low 1 'motor 1 off
high2 'motor 2 on
low 3 'motor 3 off
high4 'motor 4 on
low 5 'motor 5 off
high6 'motor 6 on
low 7 'motor 7 off
high 8 'motor 8 on

this code would turn on every other relay. each relay is limited to the size you buy. Mine are rated for 20A at 120V so I can switch just about anything anything with them. If you look at the link I sent previously it has an example schematic which is easy to connect. I would think that would be your quickest and easiest approach.


this product looks like a newer version of what I have. as far as I can tell it will work like mine..

If cost is an issue this is definitely the way to go. but I admit it's not the best solution. I'm using it mostly for testing as it allows me to connect motors quickly and easily. A motor driver like the HB 25 is the best long term solution.

you said that you read my post about my "big BoE bot" I'm not sure what your working on but I can say... 8 wiper motors has to be over kill. I would make sure that's a good solution so you don't end up redesigning like I had to do. I'm sure you could pull a semi with that many motors. those motors could time PVC in knots I'm guessing that each motor pulls 3-4 amp with load thats 24A min! your going to needed some serious battery power to run these for any length of time. with the extra battery weight you might need to beef up the PVC frame etc. etc. and it just keeps going down the line. especially before spending $200 in motor controllers I would consider getting different motors, but I say that not knowing what your working on. just a thought. let me know if I can help in any way.


05-01-2007, 08:26 AM
wooo i was going to us pvc becouse of the price and just to see if this will work even if the robot get's tied up i will at lest know if this is going to work befor i spend alote on titanim metal i us titanim for all my bot's after i build a bata

but ya i called parralx they did say the hb 25 us very high price and will work but that is more if this robot will work bot for the test
i won't to see if i can do this farst thin but high end money out
the must i put out was 1k on a robot and sould it like a dome a$$ but i was new at the time i did make 1k more thin i spent but now i wish i did not as he is now selling this and taking the cradit
so now i am very aware of what i can do with this i won't to make something for everone to have fun with and not only that but
i won't all age's to have fun and safe as wall way i been working on this for some time's and started with a hand held size and got biger noone now's but my lady and my son who is helping with frame work

but after this info after i patten it i will host this for everone
don't have a problem shareing but like to get this done and i will have it up

05-15-2007, 02:05 AM
ok update on this grrr i am·ticked off so mabe someone can shine some light on this

i made it kind of i will late everone know what i was doing

i wonted to make a 5 ft spider where you can set in and drive it like a gocart
wall thank you all that help me here yes it did work but i ran into a big big BIG problem

i was going to take a video of this but my crapy cam pvs cam battry was dead never get one there junk
the spider work's my son got in this and wolked around like he was in a car with 6 lag's sorry did not have 8
but as i packed up i was pulled over by the cop's and forced to desmantal it asp
they sade i need a linc to build something this big ????????????????????
has someone ever hard of this

p.s you all sade do not us pvc yap you right it got tangaled up like artwork
but it late me know it will work

i made a home made 8 port relay and i used basic stamp chip 2
and i used a 2 seater gocart as the chase the part that the lag's where in was made of sheet metal and metel bar's from a fence the gocart sat on top and lucked in place the contral box was made of a pc joystick and was rewired to the board
the lag's where made of light metel bar's and used a dodge van trunk shock's for the shuck's to help it stand
used 12 winsheld wiper motor's and a freand of mine made a box to huck the motor's to to help the power out
sorry i do not have the digram for that i will get it from hem after i move in 2 week's
i allso had a home made genrater and a car battery charger and 2 car battery's
and yes it is very heavey

this was very very slow but it did work i am·ticked off couse the cop's pulled me over and came upto us like we did something rong with there hand's on there gun's case and after the bull we got everthing takin care of they late me go but sade i had to dematel it in front of thim and they takin the metel i got my stamp chip and chager everthing els is gone

can someone tell me what linc they or talking about and where i can get this i live in maryland and i won't to build this agein
there was no wapeon's or sharp stuff on this it was just a nothere tipe of gocart

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