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Bard Tordal
04-23-2007, 08:23 PM
I need some help on the Serial Inkjet Driver card.

I am messing about with the Boe Bot & the HP inkjet kit trying to print out characthers that are 12 dots high and 32 wide. So far I have only been able to print out 12 by 12 characters and I can't understand how I can get the Boe-Bot to print the longer characters. Here are my questions:

Which printer driver comes installed on the Serial Inkjet Printer (SIP)? I tried to use the example driver which follows the documentation, HP5160x.SXB. Two things happened when I loaded this driver into my SIP: The SIP refused to print out anything at all and, a few resets later, suddenly the LEDS on the board lit up and happily destroyed 8 of my inkjets nozzles.

Does the pre-installed fonts on the SIPs EEPROM get erased when a new version of the driver is installed? I tried the slightly newer HP5160x2.SXB which is from november 2005 and which aparently adresses the LED problem, but by then my single inkjet cartridge was fried. The reason for me going into the driver is because I think I would have to modify the driver somewhat to get it to map the longer characters correctly, and since my Boe-Bot will be creeping along at the slowest speed possible I need to set the intercolumn delay higher to compensate for the slow speed of travel. If there are anyone who has experience with the SIP I would be superhappy to get some info / ideas on this.

I have also problems understanding how to use the Edit-Ink program. According to the documentation I should design my characthers in the Edit-Ink program, save them, copy them over to the HP_Load_Font.BS2 program and upload them into the SIPs EEPROM. And here is where my lack of knowledge really kicks in: the HP_Load_Font.BS2 program sends the characters to the EEPROM as maps which looks like this:

_A DATA WORD %000000000000
DATA WORD %000001000000
DATA WORD %000100010000
DATA WORD %010000000100
DATA WORD %010000000100
DATA WORD %010101010100
DATA WORD %010000000100
DATA WORD %010000000100
DATA WORD %010000000100
DATA WORD %010000000100
DATA WORD %000000000000
DATA WORD %000000000000

But the Edit-Ink program puts out the characters to something that looks like this:

_A DATA $00, $01, $0F, $FF, $08, $01, $0A, $A7, $08, $01, $0F, $FF, $00, $01, $00, $01, $00, $1F, $00, $11, $00, $17, $00, $11, $00, $15, $00, $11, $00, $15, $00, $11, $00, $1F, $00, $01, $00, $01, $0F, $81, $08, $FF, $08, $C5, $08, $A9, $08, $91, $08, $FF, $0F, $81, $00, $01, $00, $61, $00, $91, $01, $0F, $00, $91, $00, $61

Is the SIP ok with receiving the latter character description or do I need to convert them into the way HP_Load_Font sends the characters? Clearly I need some help; and someone to explain me the difference between the two ways of storing the character data...

Best regards Bard T