View Full Version : How to combine two programs?

Jeremy Norris
04-23-2007, 06:31 PM
Im purchased the "Stamp Works" kit and ive worked through all of the excersises. one (of many) question i still have is: how would i combine two different sets of source code to work in the same program? if there is another topic previously discussed or if there is another reference i would greatly appreciate someone guiding me in the right direction.


T&E Engineer
04-23-2007, 07:26 PM
All programs for the Basic Stamp, SX, etc.. have set places where certain things must be placed. There are templates showing you this. You should compare both programs side by side and decide which program you want to use as the "go foward" program and then re-save it as a new name. Then take the other program and start at the top. First copy / paste all of the variables, constants from the other program into the new "go forward" program. The only real area of concern that may be difficult to see is the main program. You need to see what you want to run first and then just add the other programs main sections or parts in. becarefull not to have duplicate entries of any items. Best advice is to look at them both side by side and copy over each area section by section.

Good luck.