View Full Version : Stamp 1 Project Board Advanced Option kits ??

04-19-2007, 05:48 AM
I like the price and capabilities of the Project Board. The description of this product says,

"Additionally, the PCB layout of prototype area designed to accommodate advanced option kits:
Parallax AppMod connector Parallel LCD connector Serial LCD connector Servo headers "

Are these offered? Didn't see them in the catalog...


Mike Green
04-19-2007, 06:04 AM
These are not sold labelled as such. The AppMod connector is just a 10x2 0.1" socket. Parallax does have these in their component shop (www.parallax.com/detail.asp?product_id=450-02003 (http://www.parallax.com/detail.asp?product_id=450-02003)). The parallel LCD connector is a 7x2 0.1" header that you can make from a "breakaway" strip that you can get from pretty much any electronics supplier. The serial LCD connector and servo headers are the same, just a 3x1 0.1" header. Parallax does sell extension cables for these last two as servo extension cables.