View Full Version : Got serin & out working, more problems.

04-13-2007, 09:56 PM
That was great info on the serin, I was indeed missing the data due to the fact that there was no buffer on the bs2. I am also getting serout working on baud mode 84 on pin 16 as the calculated temperature displays in the debug screen. But on the web page side I cannot grab the data from the serial line & simply display it, I've tried fgets, fread, a serial class program etc to read the serial port to no avail. The data seems to be sent from the bs2 as it shows in the debug window, but any ideas why I can write from the pc over the serial line but cannot read from it. Is it timing again or a buffer that must be read, or even problems with the pc deciphering data using baud mode 84. I'm using linux and php.

Any help on this matter would be extremely helpful.



Mike Green
04-13-2007, 10:41 PM
If the data shows up in a debug window on the PC, then it's being sent correctly and the problem is strictly on the PC end. The Baud mode just sets the Baud (to 9600) and the polarity (which is correct if it shows up in the debug window). The connection is just a simple serial channel.

Can you hook up another PC in place of the Stamp and run a serial terminal program so you can see what is sent from your PC program / script and use the keyboard on the other PC to transmit to your program / script?