View Full Version : how to read from a file in BS2

04-12-2007, 06:51 AM
I need help reading info from a file (such as .txt) in BS2. Is it possible to do, Is there a command or anything that can help me out?

Chris Savage
04-12-2007, 07:17 AM

Where would the BASIC Stamp be getting the file from that you want to read?

Chris Savage
Parallax Tech Support

Mike Green
04-12-2007, 07:19 AM
How would you get this file to the BS2? If you want to do this from a PC, have a look at Stamp Plot Pro (www.selmaware.com (http://www.selmaware.com)). If you want the BS2 to read the file from an SD card, there are devices from Hitt Consulting, Vinculum and GHI Electronics (see this thread: http://forums.parallax.com/showthread.php?p=644238). The same devices from Vinculum and GHI Electronics can read files stored on a USB thumb drive.