View Full Version : WYSIWYG microcontroller programming IDE

Capt. Quirk
03-19-2007, 07:03 PM
This one would be nice a, WYSIWYG microcontroller programming IDE, like Macromedia/Adobe "Dreamweaver" http://www.sae.org/technical/papers/2002-01-0142

This was in 2002' somebody must have one besides NI LabView by now.

03-20-2007, 06:46 AM
I think there's a large difference between a word processing type wysiwyg editor and a flow chart or modular programming editor. In other words html, coldfusion, asp, php, css, etc used in Dreamweaver is layout based. It is mostly for display purposes, you still have to code the logic layer parts by hand using the colorized editor.

The only visual programmer I have seen that is even worth using is LabVIEW. It has multiple targets: FPGAs, micros, cross platform, etc. There just isn't many visual programming things. That is why LabVIEW costs alot of money.

Visual Studio 2005 has visual DAL building and Class Designing. But you still have to code logic and interfaces by hand (not to mention it is for .NET, not micros). If you really want to try out visual programming then you could look at Parallax's Scribbler Robot (www.scribblerrobot.com/ (http://www.scribblerrobot.com/)). It has a block style GUI programming method.