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Brian Carpenter
02-23-2007, 12:21 PM
As anyone read about the Digi brand CONNECT ME embedded divices?
This is the wired version
and there is also a Wireless version

The wired version
3.3VDC @ 250 mA typical (825 mW)
and the wireless is
3.3VDC @ 400 mA max (1.32 W)

I have ordered several (wired and wireless) and have made a breakout board with a 3.3v regulator onboard so as to test them out.· It has an extensive command set.

It will do secure authentication email and lots of other things that i am not even familiar with.· I am looking forward to exploring its capabilities in communicating with the SX chips.

I have a couple of these· and will soon have the breakout board for them.· Is there anyone that would be interested in helping create code to use with the SX and these devices.· Let me know and i will send one out to you to have you help out.


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