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T Chap
02-14-2007, 10:24 AM
I have been working with Realbasic for some time now, and have a pretty good handle on the basics. I created an app that talks to the Propeller over USB2serial for a project. A simplified version of the app would make for a nice debugger, and I intend to dedicate some to it over the next week. Since it is Realbasic and I have the OSX license, it would be easy to make Mac versions, the PC/.Linux version would only be a 5 minute demo until I have a good reason to spring for $100 for the PC license.

When I get it done, I can post the app if anyone might have an interest in such a thing. Any suggestions or input would be appreciated. My goal is to be able to view info on the Mac/PC, similar to TV or LCD.

Mac stuffed version here, will Tx and Rx at 19.2K, you can assemble strings and transmit on the fly.

www.studiotoyz.com/PDebug.sitx (http://www.studiotoyz.com/PDebug.sitx)

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