View Full Version : TV_WTEXT and frozen COG ?

02-11-2007, 03:38 AM
I have added the tv_wtext object to my project, that formerly used TV_Terminal,ˇand now I am getting a COG that apparently is frozen.
The program uses 4 COGs, the last one is used by TV object when I call START in tv_wtext.
It returns COG=4.

Now when I call a routine that feeds data for COG3 it does not work at all. According to my debugging the COG3 is totally dead.
If instead of using TV_WTEXT I use TV_Terminal, it works as expected.

One point: I am keeping tv_terminal functions temporaryˇinˇpart of theˇcode, because I am in the process of updating terminal functions to tv_wtext functions,ˇalthough I do not initialize TV_Terminal (because I initialize TV_Wtext). Might this terminal code mere presenceˇhave any adverse effect ?

Has anyone detected any problem like this with tv_wtext ?

BTW, is there any way to know if a COG has stopped unexpectedly ?