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02-09-2007, 01:03 PM
I am trying to use a quadrature rotary encoder to determine how far a toy car has traveled, and this information will pass to the microcontroller.
As far as i know from research, a rotary encoder will output pulses. Can someone give me some advices about what kind of BASIC Stamp microcontroller I can use? i was think about the BS1, is that good?

also, does anyone know what kind of rotary encoder is the best for this application? i want to be able to install the encoder on the wheels of the encoder.

Where can i buy these parts please?

thanks all in advance.

02-09-2007, 09:22 PM
I have a robot that uses a rotary encoder and each cog has a distance of travel. Just so you know endcoder wheels are approxamations in distance, not an exact measurment.

To figure this out the easy way mark your tire on the flood with a grease pencil so that the mark on the tire and the floor are in a straight line. Set your program to go ONLY one cog and then mark the tire and floor again.

If you are using something like a hall sensor and get only one reading per revoulution then do the samething but set the program to read one count.

Measure the distance between the marks on the floor and thats how far you robot travels per cog or per revolution.

Count the number of cogs or revoulutions and multiply by distance and you know how far a cog travels or how far one revoultion takes you.

For my robot each cog is about 1/2 inch of travel so the results are simply cogs x distance traveled. This robot uses a BS2.

02-10-2007, 11:19 PM
rotary encoder!ˇ I know that the more (cpr) counts per revolution the encoder offers that more acturate the reading, I see encoders run from 300 cpr on up!ˇ you can make your own encoder for $3.00 I cant remeber the name of the part but i think its a photo sencer, you have to draw the wheel and color it black and white, theˇmore lines that more counts, and itsˇbetter, I got this information from a dc motor cook book I dont remember the name but I can get it if for you upon request, this book has pictures and all the information you are seeking! it cost $24.00, im not selling this book I know about it.
ˇˇ email me parravision@yahoo.com (mailto:parravision@yahoo.com)ˇ