View Full Version : reading a PC keyboard with a BS1

Steve Joblin
02-04-2007, 03:22 AM
I·know how to use the the following command to receive keyboard input from the debug window using a BS2:

Serin 16, baud [Command]

How do I do it using a BS1?· I have my program cable and BS1 Serial Adapter attached to my BS1, but I can't seem to figure out how I can read a keystroke that is entered into the input portion of the debug terminal window...

I did a few searches, but can't seem to find sample code for a BS1... any ideas?

Mike Green
02-04-2007, 06:38 AM
There is no equivalent for the BS1. The BS1 can only output (and be programmed) via the serial adapter. If you need to receive keyboard input, you'll have to use one of the 8 I/O pins and some other connection to the PC. It ought to be possible to use the BS1 serial adapter if you account for the fact that the serial I/O is inverted.