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12-04-2006, 11:20 PM
I am facing problems operating my sound module.
I can't record from it and my BASIC stamp II program which i obtained from the manual could not get it to produce a sound except after pressing a button.
Actually what i need is for the sound module to produce a sound after the eb500 failed to detect the phone(using bluetooth) so i think i need a looping function as well. Please provide me with guidance as i am at a loss and show me how to write the program.A million thanks!
The program is as follows:
Serial Mode
x var byte ‘loop counter
Init: pause 500 ‘wait for power up
serout 4,84+$8000,["!SM0N"] 'Enable recording
pause 500 'Wait a little time
Start: for x = 0 to 3 'For 3 different addresses:
serout 4,84+$8000,["!SM0R",(X*5)] 'Record a message
pause 1950 'for 1.95 seconds
serout 4,84+$8000,["!SM0E"] 'then End recording
pause 1000 'and one second later
serout 4,84+$8000,["!SM0P",(X*5)] 'Play that message back
pause 2000 'Wait for message
next 'repeat until done
for x = 0 to 3
serout 4,84+$8000,["!SM0P",(X*5)] ' Play 3 messages back
pause 2000

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