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12-03-2006, 01:34 PM
My project has filled up the first 2K memory slot in a BS2sx and I need to open up a second one. But am a bit fuzzy on how total memory is organized. In reading the manual it appears that I can't just continue writing code in the second slot. But instead I have to copy across my symbol table (constants and variables) and several of my subroutines and, in effect, write a separate program and then link the two with a RUN command. For example, it appears that I can't make calls to routines in one 2K slot from another 2K slot. Is this correct? If so, it's an extremely awkward way to handle large programs.

Bruce Bates
12-03-2006, 04:37 PM
kq6f -

Whether it's awkward or not is more a matter of understanding how it operates than anything else. It's really no more awkward than using COMMON and the CHAIN command it other Basic varients. BTW, this banking methodology was not a matter of choice, it was really a matter of necessity, dictated primarily by the hardware.

Take a look at Nuts and Volts article 87, as found below, and that should give you a firm foot-hold for learning:

Once you fully understand those concepts, here are some applications notes, thanks to Dr. Tracy Allen, with more advanced techniques:


Bruce Bates

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