View Full Version : eb500 programing

11-13-2006, 06:33 AM
So i have a nice new eb500 bluetooth-a-mabob
Works great, with the software that came on the cd i was able to hook my ppc (dell axim v50) up to my bs2 and make it do what ever i want.
send "1" from ppc to bs2 and the bs2 will go foward
send "2" and the bs2 will turn around
very cool stuff....

My only problem is with the software for the ppc... i want it to do other things, like "press this button and ill send [blah] to your bs2" and from there it will send [blah] to the bs2
right now i would have to type in [blah] and press send
the software came with a embedded c++ code, but i have been unable to build it.... had a few programs i know look at it and they got funky errors...
Is there anyone that has had experience with this?

here is a link that i found usefull (but no, it did not solve my problem)