View Full Version : Check this out, not done by a propeller, but it could be.....

11-11-2006, 06:35 AM
I ran across this while surfing the net today. I didn't see any reference as to the hardware in use. But it reminded me of a discussion from a few months ago about using an LED as a sensor.


I was very impressed!


Matthew Hay
11-11-2006, 07:10 AM
Hmmm wonder if this could be done with IR instead of visible?

11-11-2006, 08:37 AM
It's cool idea. It would make a great interface for the Propeller musical synth.

I'm sure you could do it with IR but why would you? The LED's just look cool. I'd like to see it down with RGB led's so you could how you infulencing the input device in real time without the TV.

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