View Full Version : Got my Propstick working!!!

11-06-2006, 07:37 PM
I soldered the thing together about a week ago but didn't have a serial cable (an extra one). So I bought some DB 9 connectors yesterday and rigged me a CAT5 serial cable that runs from my computer desk all the way over to my work desk (about 10').

Plugged everything in and when I did a test on the Propstick (no prop connected) I didn't get my 3.3 volts! So on close inspection I determined I had a bad solder joint on pin 3 of the voltage regulator. Fixed that right up and the Propstick came to life!

I ran some TV demos last night before bed and they looked great!

I'm not that great at soldering but I am learning. Even for a beginner like me the Propstick wasn't that hard to assemble. And for me personally, the Propstick is just what I needed. Too bad economics prevent the Propstick being delivered, assembled, to my door for $20. hehehe

So I just wanted to thank Ken Gracey and the rest of the Parallax crew for helping me with the Propstick and for releasing such a great product!

Feel free to quote me on this....


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