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11-04-2006, 01:58 AM
I am working on a fun toy this time, everything else is done!! Hurray!!!

This·robot is part of· a dream of mine for many years and it·is finally starting to take shape. It is built in modules and the program is also built in modules. There are reasons for this, mainly I designed it that way because I wanted too. That aside it should make repairs much easier.

Right now the chasis (sp?) is based off a metal grate used by painters to remove excess paint from a roller. Two of those are cable tied together which gives a very strong light weight and·flexible base. The drive motor was cannablized from my Arobot and the power source is a standard Radio Shack Battery holder (D size). Sensors for now are on SRF05, One IR, One Hall for RPM and One Hall for no RPM. The wheels are 2 1/2 or 3 inch (can't remember at the moment) from the r/c airplane section of the hobby store attached with simply push rods that have the ends cut off. I want to change these so ball bearings are used instead of collars, but for now this will work.

The SRF05 is for object avoidance, the IR is to detect drop offs, hence it is pointed downwards in the front (I think I have another one so that will go in the back for the same pupose). One Hall will be used to detect RPM on the drive wheel and one will be used on the opposite axel for no RPM. This gives the computer a way to shut off the motor if no RPM are on the nondrive wheels.

Right now I want to attach an arm with a twirling motor out front that will swing back and forth, rather like a rotating fan. My first reaction was to use aluminum for the arm, run a surplus pancake motor for the twirly part and a servo or two to move the arm back and forth. For the twirly part getting a push rod for an r/c airplane and putting gears on the end·seems to be the way·to go.

Thoughts on the arm? Or for that matter anything else?

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11-04-2006, 03:59 AM
Forgot to mention.

The Prop is going to be the microcontroller which really isn't needed yet, however once the robot gets parts and programs added to it the complexity will increase.

Originally this robot was designed around the BS2 however the capabilities of the Prop changed my mind.