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10-28-2006, 09:25 AM
This is one of those posts that might be considered generic and/or Prop specific.· Please feel free to repost in appropriate forum if so

About a year ago, I was thinking about integrating FlightSim running on my kick-*** PC to interface w/ 3-DF (3 Degree Of Freedom) motionbase. However, there's no such "consumer targeted" prod in the market today or then. I did some research on "how, what, who produces and where". I found a few places that do make a few flight sim devices and also found a few that in fact do provide plans and guidelines to DIY motionbase systems.

I found this one below particualrly intriguing and then became·a member of their site - must admit - not a very cost friendly I must say.

To make a motion base of 3DF, we need 3 motors w/ solid torque, a dedicated controller for each of the motors to drive them and of course a solid stable platform to host the pilot. This can be electric, hydraulic, etc.·

I could not go ahead w/ the project due to the cost-to-make such a hobby work.

I was having a thread w/ someone I know who was working on it today and thought I'd throw this idea out here in this forum and if in case anyone has thought about doing something along the lines of motionbase and flight sim work around PC and Propeller. I honestly believe given the multi-processing nature of Prop, it might be a great driver to help foundation such a project.


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