View Full Version : Printer Ideas

10-27-2006, 07:54 PM
I've not the time to start another project right now,but maybe by the time I do this post could attract a lot of resources on printer drivers.

I have seen the IC's that act as printer drivers and connect to parrallel ports on PC's, But has anyone seen any documentation on software protocals for running printers from uControllers. I like the ink jet from Parallax, However building a machine to encase it may be to much. But I would like to hear of any efficient ideas of making a printer with it that could handle data logging printouts.

Plus it would be nice to make use of all the old printers in the boneyard upstairs.

Also if any one knows of an IC that handles serial to printer comms with the software stack on chip that would be too cool!

The bottom line is : If every test my company does is automated and a PC printer port is required for each task then it just won't happen!