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09-16-2006, 12:12 PM
Okay so i bought one of these like 2-3 weeks ago and i absolutley love it, it heats up and i complete a joint in about 1-2 seconds on most of them and can touch the iron with my finger immediatly. The one thing ive noticed about it is that the tips are soft like lead, Less mass = More heat Faster so the tips are very a-dense. The pros to it are that theres no cable running around, no wait time for the stupid thing to heat up which was my biggest thing, solder wouldnt hold and i would have unplugged the system already and i would have to plug it back in...wait...blah blah. Its battery operated also! Cons, The tips are expensive 9.99 for one tip the entire unit cost 20 bucks at radio shack. and like i said its been 2 weeks and the tip is broke. If they break correctly and you get lucy you can shave them down with a finger nail file and reuse them. Also using this on static sensitive things is a HUGE no no, for example, i was playing with an LED with it and i actually fried the LED because the tip is split down the middle, when the two sides touch on metal it basically creates a controlled short circuit(thus the instantaneous Heat) well, if these touch a LED its going to get 1.5 * 4 volts of electricity to it! basically saying its fried, you have to be careful to make sure the leads DO NOT touch using this product.

all in all i give the system a 8 out of 10 i would reccomend this to people working on car projects and things on the fly, I dont think im going to continue using this unless i need to make another ajustment in my car system. If your around the house i would reccamend the normal plug in solder gun! just some info for you guys on a nice little invention.. Its not really a good tool for people who do not know how to solder well, and its hard to sometimes begin the soldering process, you have to keep turning the tip right to get it to heat up and the natural reaction is to push harder if you never soldered before...meaning a new tip the first day you get it!

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