View Full Version : I Thank You!

09-16-2006, 08:48 AM
I know that ive beena HANDFULL these past couple of months, i know i hear you PJ saying **Phh You got that right!**, and i can say with confidence ive never been to a more helpful forum ever. I think you guys have opened up doors that i would have given up on a long time ago but because you guys were persistant and never got aggrivated(most of the time) i slowly have been able to walk through those doors. I hope that im slowly becomming one of the members now and not a newb with alot of questions lol.. of course theres always somthing i need to know but im getting far enough along the road that i can successfully help others and its because of you guys. a few people ive seen persistantly ide like to thank

PJ Allen, Beau,Bruce, Sam,Mike(green)

I know there have been Many others if i forgot you i apoligize but i wanted to just take this time to appreciate the learning experience ive gotten and still continue to get!

-Learn somthing about everything, and Everthing about somthing-