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09-02-2006, 08:08 PM
Wife just picked up a old laser copier from a yard sale for $ 5
this is one of the big ones that large companys use, waist high,does collating and stapling and such...
jams after 20 copies... but i'm lookin at a huge pile of motors ,sensors , and whatever else i can get out of it... now where did i put that power screwdriver... http://forums.parallax.com/images/smilies/tongue.gif

Bruce Bates
09-02-2006, 08:17 PM
Sawmiller -

Just watch the motor voltages. I presume you'd be looking for low voltage DC PM motors and other low voltage components, but some/many/all may be line voltage motors and components (120 VAC).


Bruce Bates

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09-02-2006, 11:57 PM
its a lanier 6632 model from like 1995 ... reduced down to 2 5 gal buckets of motors, solinoids, gears, belts, magnetic switches... etc.. and a rollaround cabinet with 2 drawers and a large compartment below.

most of the parts apear to be 24 v dc... plain markings on the solioids .. will have to look up the motors, but there were 3 transformers in it too, so some of·the voltage·was reduced down..

still have to do the collator -5 sp , but i think for $5 , i got some fun and knowledge out of it.


09-03-2006, 12:39 AM
gradge sales and surplus stores, second hanjd stores, a hobbies tresure chest for unknow large amouts of eletrictions

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09-03-2006, 04:02 AM
Whoa, that sounds so awesome... I've been in need of solenoids, where the heck can one find those?

Around here, all I find are various types of audio and video devices (and TV's are a bit heavy to bring home on a bicycle). Though sometimes I can actually use some of the stuff whole; can you believe someone threw out a high-end stereo just because it wouldn't turn on? I swear, some people must not have a soldering iron or something.

I think I shall assemble a circuit to run various·calculations, and control peripherals accordingly. I will give it some user input device, and perhaps a display screen to show data. But what would I call this device...

Loopy Byteloose
09-04-2006, 03:32 AM
In Berkeley California, the garbage company runs a 2nd hand store called Urban Ore. It takes garbage that people might just want to use and sells it for pennies on the dollar.

In San Francisco, the Goodwill has a daily 5 or 6am auction of overflow. Things that they cannot stock their stores with because it is too special, too big, or they just have too much of the same. What isn't sold then goes into some sort of trash line.

I have one friend that has banked his pay check for 20 years and paid his rent and living expenses from frequently visiting these plays for collectible hi-fi and audio. But anyone with an eye for value can show up.

The early bird may get something other than worms [I hate worms].

Also, try the 2nd hand applicance stores in the poor side of town. Lots of hardware and chassis. Maybe an RV refrigerator that is 12volt.

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