View Full Version : Comparators, a very good paper

08-30-2006, 11:47 AM
It may seem a comparator is a pretty simple device you don't pay much attention too but..

I ordered 8 different comparators from digikey, After I finished toying with a super sensitive vibration sensor idea I had (I can drop a 1/8 watt resistor on the table and get a rail to rail digital pulse without any noise at all) that worked perfect with the .25 cent model I tested tonight. I then wondered about the number of different kinds and general uses they have as a background for future inventions I may come up with. In my search for information I found this really good paper on the subject.

http://www.icsl.ucla.edu/~ckygroup/thesis/Jackie_MSThesis.pdf#search=%22comparing%20comparat ors%22


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