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08-20-2006, 10:48 PM
I have product I am ready to market that uses a Luxieon LED , an atmel tiiny13, a 5V regulator. The device regulates the intensity of the LED depending on the level of force exerted. I am running up to 6 of these devices from a 2A 6V DC supply. What I want to do is build a box wit 6 (5V) power cords out and one Jack for the 2A supply, in addition I will put a MIDI output jack. I intend to measure the current on each of the 6 lines going out with a current sensor, using the variable current as the volume indicator as the device that controlls the LED varies the currrent from 0 to 300 mA Peaks.

I intend to use the SX chip to process the signals and output a midi signal for each of 6 power cords going out to the devices.

I have been looking at devices such as http://www.gmw.com/electric_current/Sentron/CSA-1.html
or current sensing resistors: http://www.niccomp.com/Catalog/ncst.pdf#search=%22current%20sensing%20chips%22

Reading 6 zones or levels from 0 to 300 ma (+-50mA) would be accurate enough.

What would be te lowest cost method to get the job done remembering I have 6 lines to read.


I think I may need seperate processors for each line as the CSA-1V sensor has a voltage output my initial idea is to use an atmel chip for each line to read the voltage on the sensor thru its ADC port, the program in each of those chips would convert the sensor voltage to a digital signal.

Logic flow initial idea.

Sensor reads current outputs voltage
Atmel chip reads voltage on sensor tests if voltage is higher than previous reading if so a midi signal is generated
Atmel chip signals SX data is ready on an interrupt port, SX buffers requests in Que responds to atmel chip to send data
Using 3 data ports a 3 bit number is presented to the SX for processing. SX processes data and outputs serial data thru midi port.

Other Ideas welcome.

Think outside the BOX!

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