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07-12-2006, 11:14 AM
I have reached a stage in my project(s) where I can afford the time and hardware to try some software stuff. I am experimentally playing around with remote reprogramming of the Stamps over the phone line and my DTMF decoder hardware. Since I am not a very skilled programmer, it would take me a long time, if at all, how to learn to integrate the Tokenizer in QuickBasic (If this is possible...basic's the only thing I'm proficient in at this time). But to do the reprogramming, I need to have access to the tokens. I can do a stupid time consuming procedure of reading the program into a Stamp at my end and then make it spit out the tokens from memory map, but I'd like something that's not dependant on having a Stamp on my end, especially since some of the users (friends of mine) do not have multiple Stamps. Is there a simple way of getting at the tokens in software without my having to learn the stuff to use the tokenizer(I dont have that kind of time this summer)?
PS: Pardon the wordiness...I believe in all-around explanations:)

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