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05-22-2006, 10:51 AM
Hey, ok I just got something really cool. I bought a pair of I-Glasses SVGA/3D Pro head mounted display and it came with a VirtuaTrack head tracker. The head tracker sends X, Y and Tilt positions through the pc's serial port as if to emulate the computers·mouse. It’s awesome with games like Quake, Half-Life and many other first person shooter game but I need it to work with·Microsoft·flight simulator 2004, and work well! I have done some research on it and found that there is an add-on that·lets the mouse move the eye point in MSFS but it only supports·X and Y. however MSFS has features that·let the·joystick move the eye point in X, Y, Tilt, Left, Right, Up, Down and so on. So I though about it and said "this is a job for a basic stamp".
But I am a little scared that ill never get it to work. For one, the head tracker I think needs a driver·in order to·emulate the mouse in windows (might just be for calibration though). But it has a signal of some sort, and I·know that almost any signal (serial especially) can be·made sense of·by a BS2.·Another reason I'm skeptic is that·most pc·mice·are incremental while a joystick is absolute/relative to a scale,·which may have unforeseen effects like loss of zero·reference or something weird, but I may be able to fix it with a Re-zero button.
Any ideas?

Chris Savage
05-22-2006, 11:04 AM

·· I am unclear how the BASIC Stamp is going to make MS Flight Simulator accept input from this device...A BASIC Stamp cannot affect a PC Application in that manner.

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05-22-2006, 11:22 AM
Bs2's input = serial mouse (DB9 Serial)
Bs2 converts signals
Bs2's Output = Analog Joystick (DB15 game port)

It’s a low level operation, nothing to do with application at all. I was just describing the end result